Monday, September 22, 2014

A new zone, new sisters, and Nebraska

Hello Family!!!

Tomorrow is transfers!  It is so crazy how fast 6 weeks goes!!  Sadly Sister Thacker and I are not going to be companions next transfer.  My new companion is Sister Magidson from Northern Virginia.  I was her roommate when I was in fleet.  We are going to be zone leaders together for the South 2 zone.  (Sister Thacker and I were in the West 1 zone)  I am excited to be her companion because I know that I will learn a lot from her.  But I am really sad to not be companions with Sister Thacker.  But she can't get rid of me too easily because she is in my zone still!! haha!  I am killing off Sister Magidson because this is her last transfer.  There are a lot of sisters gong home next transfer which is really crazy to me.  There are actually 4 in my new zone.  I can't believe that I am in my second to last transfer!  That just means that I am going to have to work really really hard!
Other changes for this next transfer: my p-day will be on Thursday, so you will probably hear from me twice this week. :)   Also part of South 2's responsibilities is Guest Services and West Gate.  The Sisters in South 1 and South 2 have differnt shifts in these roles.  When people schedule tours they call guest services and talk to sisters there who schedule the tour or other event and find sisters to take the tour.  Pretty much they are the ones you call when you don't know if there is something open or what is going on. ! Now I get to be the one that tries to find the answers.  West Gate is an information booth by the west gate of temple square.  They are the sisters that sisters in the buildings call when people request a tour.  The sisters in WG then text all of the Sisters on the square to find sisters that can take the tour.  They also record all of the info about the tours so we can report it to the mission department (how many guests and members? referrals received?).  They also get materials ready for Sisters who are taking big motorcoaches (bus tours).  The Sisters in WG also answer lots of questions from guests and direct them to the right places.  They are in an information booth. ;)
I am really excited to get to know the sisters in my new zone because I don't know many of them very well.  I do know a few of them though. :)  I think that we will have lots of fun and that I will be able to better magnify my calling this transfer because I better know what I am doing.

I am really going to miss our West 1 zone though.  I have really learned to love these sisters so much!  Each one of them is so beautiful and a wonderful missionary.  There is Sister Ellis (Singapore)and her district.  Sister Occolier (her companion-Martinique- a french island in the Caribbean) Sister Tuinukiafe (Tonga), Sister Polanco(Guatemala), Sister Dantas (Brazil) and Sister Y. Chen (Taiwan).  Sister Ranama's (Fiji) district: Sister Tiritilli (her companion), Sister Tanjarantham (Thailand), Sister Saet (Philippines), Sister Casagrande (France), and Sister Skaggs (Cali). And Sister Brink's (Tennessee) district: Sister Jarrett (Hawaii), Sister Lunddahl (Denmark), Sister Barros (Brazil), Sister Esikia (American Samoa), and Sister Ye (China).  They are each so different, but I love each of them so much!!  My heart has grown so much this transfer!!

Super exciting news!!!!!!!  There are Sisters from Temple Square going on their outbound to the OMAHA NEBRASKA MISSION!!!!!  We found out on Tuesday and they announced the place where the sisters were going before they announced who was going... I screamed like crazy!!!!  I may have actually damaged Sister Thacker's ears.  So sorry companion.  My throat hurt all day from screaming... I got a little over excited. haha!  But this is the first time that they have sent sisters to Nebraska!!!!!!! Please look for these dear sisters.  I know both of them and love them a lot.  Sister Eldenberg from Sweden and Sister Hirro from the Philippines.  I really hope that at least one of them serve in our ward.  They are both really sweet sisters.

Sister Thacker and I got an awesome new investigator this week.  We took him and his girlfriend on a tour.  No one else was able to take the tour so we took it and there were huge miracles!  He was with his member girlfriend.  He really wanted to learn more and has an awesome faith in Jesus Christ.  We have been keeping in touch with him over text and this morning he asked if he could meet with local missionaries as well as with us!! YES!  That is exactly what we want because you can't get baptized without meeting with the local missionaries!!  He will be baptized in a few weeks, I am sure of it.

I love you all so so much!!!

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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