Friday, October 17, 2014

The 3 D's: David, David, and Dirt


I forgot to tell you 2 things last week about General Conference!
Apparently the Kosmiki family came out to General Conference and went to the Saturday Morning session in the Conference Center and they met some sister missionaries there!  They told me that the Kosmiki's were there but I never got to see them!  So tell them hello for me!  I prayed really hard that I would get to see them and I was really excited, but I guess it was not in the Lord's plan and that is okay.  Sister Magidson were where the Lord needed us to be. :)

I was not able to share one of my biggest miracles from General Conference.  To begin it all, Sister Magidson and I just got done eating and were going back upstairs in the South Visitor Center to go and contact more people.  Before we go to the square, we always pray.  When I prayed, I just got overwhelmed and had to take a moment to breath and not cry.  I had prayed that we would be able to find who the Lord wanted us to find, and that prayer was answered.  We met a couple in the South Visitor Center and they asked if they could just walk through the visitor center.  It was easy to see that something was not right.  We started talking to them and learned a little bit about them.  Their names are Jennifer and David and they are engaged.  She had been previously married, and I don't remember if he had or not, but Jennifer was not doing well.  She really needed to be reminded that God loved her and that He was aware of her.  The spirit was so overwhelming when Sister Magidson and I told her this.  Jennifer and I really connected and I think that I really was meant to talk to her.  She started crying and I was crying because the spirit was so strong!  (I looked like a scary mess afterwards though! haha!)  And Sister Magidson and David just don't cry (sometimes that is a talent I wish I could have. haha!).  I honestly can't really tell you what we said, only that it came straight from the spirit to them.  We shared a scripture with them about how Jesus Christ died for each one of us. We talked to them for a long time and the spirit was just flowing.  We said our goodbyes and sent them to go see the Christus statue, but the miracle did not end then. As we were going to our mission's meeting after conference was finished we saw Jennifer and David again!  They were at the bottom of the ramp to go up to the Christus talking to Sister Park and Sister Taito!  They had told them that we were their angels. What happened was that as David and Jennifer were walking to the North Visitor center, David's heart was softened!  David is a big military guy who just doesn't feel any emotions and thinks that he is always right.  When they walked in the doors of the North Visitor Center, David told Jennifer that he was sorry for the way that he had been treating her.  He had not been listening to her and had been expecting her to change to him and not being willing to change at all for her.  He told us that she was an answer to his prayers and that God brought them into each others lives, but that he was not treating her the way that he needed to.  He was not treating her like he should treat his future wife.  When we met Jennifer and David in the North Visitor Center, they were completely different people then when we left them at the South Visitor Center and especially when we first met them.  It was amazing to see how the Lord can soften hearts and lead us to do what is right.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us and he will always send help to us, even if that help is just 2 sister missionaries, but he will always send help our way.  Sometimes, it is hard to listen to that help or advice, but it will always come if we will listen.  We got Jennifer's contact info and we are staying in touch with Jennifer and David.  This was one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences on my mission.  All through General Conference, I really felt like a tool in the hands of the Lord and it is a feeling that I will never tire of.  :)

So, you are really not going to believe what I am going to tell you next.  David Archuleta came to our mission last Sunday and did a fireside for us.  Yes you read that correctly.  David Archuleta came and spoke and sang to our mission. :)  It was really cool!  I have always liked his music, but I was not a crazy fan but now I really respect him.  He is a wonderful RM and shared a lot of spiritual experiences with us.  We had an open Question and Answer session with him which was pretty cool.  He shared about his own personal conversion with us and how it took him time to realize why certain things were important and to follow promptings.  Here are some things that I learned from him.  He shared some advice about how to continue growing and developing after our missions: pray always, make church happen, go to the temple, read the scriptures, and when you make a commitment (especially to the lord) do everything to keep it.  He also said that it is okay to go slow when you get off of your mission.  He is not ready to come back into the music spotlight and explained that he is trying to figure out what he wants from life with a perspective with Heavenly Father.  It made me think about what I want and what I need to do to be able to achieve those things.  I also learned the power of one righteous member.  David's keyboardist, Kendra, is a member of the church and it was because of her example, that he started going to church and the temple while he was on tour.  It was only because of her offering and setting an example of doing the important things that David realized that he could keep his covenants and do what he knew to be important.  Overall, it was a wonderful and spiritual fireside. :)

Last p-day, we had our zone activity!! It was so SO fun!!  We did lots of little fun activities and ate funeral potatoes and sloppy joes. :)  It was really yummy.  The first game that we played was with flour, a knife, and a Hershey kiss.  So you take a mound of flour on a plate and press it with your hands into a tower/mountain and put the chocolate on the top.  Then you take turns cutting the flour tower from the top to the bottom.  It is a lot like Jenga; you don't want it to fall.  If the chocolate falls, then you have to put your face in the flour and get the chocolate with your mouth!  You end up getting lots of flour in your mouth and all over your face. hahaha!  It was so much fun!  Then we did another game where we had the districts guide their blindfolded district leaders to make a sandwich with all sorts of weird and normal ingredients.  The results were hilarious!!!  The district leaders had to take a bite of the creation their districts had helped them make.  I think some of the district leaders wondered if their districts even loved them at all! haha!  They were really great sports about the whole thing.

Then we did a mummy race!  We had the districts pic someone and wrap them up like a mummy.  They looked awesome!!!  They really did!  Then we had a little race!  It was so funny!  in the end, we had a toilet paper war happen in the hallway of our apartment complex! haha!!
Then we ended with making dirt cups!  We put the big bowl of chocolate pudding and some crushed up oreos and gummy worms on the table and I told the Sisters for dessert we were having dirt cups.  The international sisters looked at me like I was crazy. HAHA!  They were like "real dirt?"  I said yep!  Here is the mud (pointing to the pudding), here is the dirt (pointing the the crushed oreos), and here are the worms!  They tentatively started following the example of the excited Americans and realized that it was not real. haha!  We made 3 big boxed of pudding and it was all gone!  We had so much fun together and it really unified the zone!  I think that everyone had so much fun!  I have not gathered all of the pictures yet because I need to buy another flash-drive today to hold more pictures!  I will be able to send more pictures next week. :)

There is not other way to be happy but to put the Lord first.  And remember, you are the miracle, but it your choice to become the miracle.

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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