Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't get trunky!!!

This week was really great!

I had a "finish strong" meeting... It is pretty much what it sounds like.  Telling the sisters in their last transfer to not give up, don't get trunky, and to keep working hard.  It was really weird to be there in that meeting.  I don't feel like I am in my last transfer at all!!  I feel like I have at least 2 more after this, but I know that this is my last... It is a weird conflicting knowledge and feeling.
Sister Davis and I had a super funny experience this past week.  We were closing the Joseph Smith Movie and so we were talking with the people who came after the film was over.  There was a middle single ward that went to the movie and it was pretty awkward... Most of the women ran out of the lobby as soon as the movie was finished and all of the men remained.  I started talking to a group of them about missionary work and it was all good, when I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by people (most of them men) and didn't know where my companion was!  She appeared next to me at that point and I was so grateful!  Because then the normal conversation got awkward.  One guy was asking about our mission and we were talking about our mission and his mission and then one of the other guys started the whole "well in MY mission, blah blah" and it just became an awkward pride mission battle...  Then one of them was like "when did you serve your mission? oh because I served in blah-blah"... He did it to show that the other guy was older than him... super awkward!  Sister Davis and I then excused ourselves and ran home!! But really we were going to be late for curfew so we did kinda run.

It is snowing!! Right now!! Crazy right?!!  I still can't believe that it is winter because I feel like it was Halloween yesterday and summer the day before that.  How does time go so fast?  That is a question that I don't think I will ever have the answer to.  Everyone says, "Time flies when you are having fun"!  Missionary work is fun, but it is also hard work.  As a missionary, you give so much of yourself to people and all of yourself to God.  It is emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausting in a way that I never understood when I started out in the MTC or even in my first few transfers.  It is exhausting but also exhilarating.  There are times that you feel the spirit so strongly that you are drained for the rest of the day.  You pray so hard for these people that God will tell you their needs through the Holy Ghost so that you can help them.  You practice so hard to know how to teach well and with the spirit and in unity with your companion.  You are hurt when you get an in-bound call with a hurtful person on the other line who decides that it is okay to abuse everything that you hold dear and tell you that you are wasting your time.  There is nothing like extending a baptismal date and having it excepted and knowing that this person is making the choice to come closer to God.  The joy that you feel when you see them dressed in white and being baptized or even better, going to the temple is incomprehensible.  It is completely heartbreaking when your investigator drops you even though you know that they are not dropping you but choosing not to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ; but it still hurts because you love them.  There is nothing else that I would have preferred to do for the last 18 months than serving God by serving a mission.  I love my mission and what I have become because of it.  sorry I rambled a bit. :) God is good.
I love you all so very much!
Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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