Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The miracles are still coming!

Dear Family,                                                                                                                     July 10,2014

This week has been crazy for me.  There are lots of Sisters in my district that have been struggling.  This week, Sister Lee my MTC companion went home.  She has been really sick and she has not been getting better here.  I am so very sad.  Her companion, Sister Ioane, is now in a trio and is not in my district or in our zone.  :(  I still see her around though and we always talk.  I hope that Sister Lee gets better soon and will get to come back on her mission, but we will see what the Lord has in store for her.  Another companionship is having difficulties getting along.  They have quite a few differences and are both very stubborn, but they are both wonderful missionaries.  The Zone leaders and I talked with them yesterday and went on exchanges with them as well.  I think that the problem has been resolved, or atleast I really really hope it is!  I love these sisters and I hate to see them hurting each other.

I had quite a few miracles this week!  I was on exchanges with Sister Almeida and we met a young man outside the NVC.  He had been inside the temple doing baptisms for the dead when he felt like he didn't belong in the Temple, so he left.  He said that he had just prayed for help and then we walked up to him.  We talked to him about prayer and scripture reading, which he has not been doing.  He said that he just wanted to feel good in the temple.  We invited him to say a mighty prayer like Enos did.  (I had just studied Enos that very morning!)  He gave me his number and we are trying to get in contact with him again.  He was so lost, but I know that he will be able to feel God's love for him and find direction.

I also met the parents of a sister who is coming here next transfer!  When I was outbound, a young woman in the stake I was serving in was called to temple square.  Her name is Sister Merriel.  I was never able to meet her, but the sisters who were serving in her ward, told me about her.  Well her parents had just dropped her off at the MTC and came up to see Temple Square where she would be serving.  I was able to tell them what she would be doing and what the mission was like.  Her mother was so comforted.  I know that it was no coincidence that I met them on the square and served outbound in their area.  It is amazing to see how much the Lord loves each of us us and what he will do to help them.

Sister Torino and I have an investigator on date!! But the sad part is, that I feel that he needs to be transferred to a french speaking sister so that he can progress better.  He is so wonderful and I will be so sad to transfer him, but I feel like it would be better for him.  There are other people that Sister Torino and I need to find, we just have not found them yet.  I am very concerned that we will no reach our baptismal goal this transfer.  He is the only investigator on-date.  I have been wondering what I am doing wrong to not find these people and help them to come closer to Christ and receive the restored gospel.  I really want to have a baptism, but I wonder if I am really afraid to find them.  I have never had a baptism where I found and taught them.  I have always been transferred away right before the baptism.  I will have to have some personal reflection and pondering about this.  :)  I have the faith that God will help us find the people that are prepared, sometimes, it is just hard to wait on his timing.

I wanted to tell you what I learned in PMG this week like Elder Ballard said.  I keep forgeting to add it to my emails to you.  Yesterday, I read in the Christlike attributes section about Patience.  It was really needed.  I did the study activity and was able to read a few of the scriptures listed as well.  I learned that there are many reasons that we need to be patient.  One of them is so that God can use you as an example to others (Alma 17:10-11).  God will use your example to bring the truth to others.  When we bear our afflictions with patience, God promises us that he will give us success (Alma 26:27).  Helping us to be patient is how God chastens us and shows us that He loves us (Mosiah 23:21). I also learned about the importance of submitting cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.  When we submit, we are able to be taught.  When we are patient, it means that we are acting in faith and hoping for the blessings that God has promised us.  God knows better than we do and he often requires us to be patient so that we can learn a lesson.  (Mosiah 24:9-16) 

I love you all so so much!!  I hope that you are all doing well and that you have an awesome week!

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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