Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tuesday June 3rd letter

Hello sweet family!
This week has been good and also very crazy. Sister Torino and I have gone on lots of exchanges and we have seen lots of miracles. When we were on exchanges, Sister Torino called one of the investigators that I had dropped back in January because we were never able to get a hold of him. His name is Juan. Apparently, he has been meeting with the local missionaries for a month, is reading the Book of Mormon, and has been going to church! That is a huge miracle! I have not actually been able to talk to him yet (because of the exchanges), but Sister Torino says that he is awesome. By the way, Sister Torino is so great! She is a hard worker and she is so funny! We are laughing all the time. I love Filipinos.
I hope that I can make a difference here for the Lord so that I do not waste his time. Sister Torino and I are working hard and having fun to accomplish our goals especially our baptismal goal for the transfer.
Mom, we had Zone training on your birthday!  I thought of you!  I actually did a training on goals which is really funny because mom and dad have been trying to teach me how to set goals all of my life... I only just have started to figure it out! haha!  Apparently I understand goals well enough to train on them now.

So I got an email from a return sister missionary, and she told me that the Captain America movie was really good, but that I should watch it only after I have gotten readjusted after my mission. haha! Do you all agree?  For the future, when I get back, please start me out with something soft and sweet. okay?  not too much action or drama or I may run back to temple square.
I think that I am completely changing!  I think my personality has changed a little bit.  I don't get as angry or frustrated quickly. Also, I don't think that I am sarcastic anymore.  I can be every once in a while, but it is obvious and people don't have to second guess what I mean.  I feel like I can be more loving that way.  I think that I am quicker to see the good in the situation and others than I use to be.  The atonement and the mission is so amazing because it lets and makes me change in ways that I didn't know that I needed to or that I thought was possible.
I will hit my year mark on June 26th... then I will have to tell people that I have been here "over a year" instead of "under a year"... NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Where has the time gone????

I love you all so so much!!  I hope that you are doing well and know that where ever you go and whatever you do, I will always love you!
Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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