Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sis. Torino is pretty funny!

Dear wonderful family!

First off, I want to tell you a funny story...  Sister Torino and I were coming home late from the square and in the complex where we live, there are lots of senior missionaries that live there as well.  The senior missionaries were have a little potluck/get together in the lounge area of the building and they saw us and a few other sisters and told us to come and eat.  they made us take some food/ goodies home with us too.  I made sure Sister Torino had gotten some Doritos because she loves them so much.  So when we finally got back to our apartment, we were snacking and planning for the next day.  Sister Torino loves Doritos and she loves Nutella...  She decided to combine the two and luckily I got it recorded on Camera. haha!!!  She dipped her chip in the nutella and ate it.  Then she chewed in silence for a few moments looked at me and in a surprised voice said, "It's not good!"  "Don't try it, trust me."  HAHAHA!!  I died laughing!
Ledix received the Holy Ghost this last Sunday!!  I am so so happy!  It has been amazing to see the joy of the true gospel so evident in his life!  As members, sometimes we forget all of the blessings that we have and the joy that we should feel everyday with the true gospel in our lives.  We should be the very happiest people on earth!!  I forgot to get his baptism picture on my flash drive but I have a funny selfie that he sent us.

We had an amazing miracle. Lately, I have been praying for a baptism miracle.  Sister Torino and I made a goal of 2 baptisms for this transfer.  Ledix was our first baptism and I have been praying that the Lord would send us a miracle so we could fulfill our goal. In response to my prayers, the Lord has sent us lots of miracles, not another baptism yet, but lots of miracles. Yesterday morning, we were contacting people out by the relief society building, Joseph Smith Building, and Reflection pool. We talked to lots of people, but they were all very rude to us and the saddest part about it was that they were all members! I was really having a tough time because they were... well rude members! They should have been kinder. However, we kept trying and talking to people. 

We were heading back to the square when Sister Torino offered to take a picture of a couple and the temple. Their names were Shelbee and Tuks (said like "tooks"). We got to talking and found out that Tuks was from Fiji and that he wanted to learn more about the church! Shelbee's parents had served a mission in Fiji and she had gone to visit him and that is were she met Tuks. The family had paid for Tuks to come and visit their family in the United States down in Saint George. Shelbee was really hesitant when we first started teaching the restoration, and told us that the missionaries in Fiji had his information. But soon she jumped in and shared her testimony as well. (It was not my finest teaching of the restoration, but the spirit was there when we spoke about the Book of Mormon and Moroni's promise.) We all went to the south visitor center and got Tuks a copy of the Book of Mormon in English and Fijian and exchanged contact information. He has read the introduction and a few other parts of the Book of Mormon. He went to church and has prayed about the Book of Mormon. He is amazing! The only thing I feel bad about is that Sister Torino are teaching a Fijian when the Fijian sisters don't have lots of Fijian investigators. I am so very excited to see Tuks's progression and how he comes to know that all of this is true! :)

This week in PMG, I focused a lot about improving my teaching skills.  I feel like I have gotten into a routine with my teaching and I am trying to make sure that I am teaching people and not lessons.  I am working on using more questions and scriptures in my teaching.

I hope that you all know how very much that I love you.  I have been thinking about how much I love you all lately and how grateful that I am to be in this family with all of you.  I have also been thinking about the changes I have seen in each one of you as I have gone on my mission and how grateful that I trusted the Lord to take care of my family while I have been away serving Him to the best of my ability.  I love you all and I know that this gospel is so incredibly true!!

Love Always, 
Sister Stephen

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