Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An act of kindness, a baptism, and many more miracles!

Dear Super Family!

This week was really great!

We had an amazing miracle last p-day.  Sister Thacker and I were buying some things for our Zone activity and ourselves at costco with some other sisters.  (Sister Thacker has a costco card. yay!)  When suddenly, a man walked by who was a manager at that costco, gave the checker his card and walked away.  He paid for ALL of our things.  We didn't totally understand what was going on until it had already happened.  I almost started crying.  I was just in shock the rest of the day for that amazing act of kindness.  There was so many things that we were buying for our zone activity as well as for ourselves.  I know that the Lord will bless him.  Sister Thacker and I found him and thanked him for what he did.  I have had a few times when someone has paid for my food but no one has ever paid for my groceries.  Every time it happens, it is when I least expect it and when I really need it.  I am amazed by how the Lord takes care of his missionaries and the goodness that people have inside of them.  I am truly humbled that I can be the recipient of such kindness and pray that the Lord will bless these people ten fold.  I know that he will and that he loves and looks out for each one of us.

On Wednesday we had our Zone conference!  Yay!!  It was really good and I learned so much!  I learned about not being afraid to open up and personally connect with people and was reminded about the importance of truly listening for the whispering of the spirit and to the guests/investigators to know what their needs are.  I also learned about the importance of always teaching immediately with everyone I talk to whether it is on the square or through and inbound call or chat.  President Poulsen also instructed us about the Holy Ghost and receiving revelation.  Some of the things that he shared may have blown my mind about the gospel, but it was so amazing true and good!  He shared with us about how God can listen to all of our prayers ans answer each one of us.  I don't completely understand how it all works, but the spirit that we feel is kinda like the radio waves.  They are all around us, but we have to be in tune to them to hear them.  It is amazing to think about and I think I will have to ponder a lot about it. Sister Thacker and I also presented about "the Magic of the Daily Schedule".  We got complements on it but I think that they are just being nice to us. haha!  It was totally lead by the spirit because we had very little preparation time.  We were told that we were presenting something but we were not given the power point to go off of until Tuesday afternoon... on our p-day to present the very next day.  We looked up some scriptures to share about different topics and the spirit was there.  We talked about how everything in our schedule is connected from our planning the night before to exercising the next morning.  Basically the importance of obedience to the schedule and how it is given to us this way for a reason and blessings will come from following it.  I have learned that all of the commandments that Heavenly Father gives us are not just for us here on earth, but they all effect our spirits as well. D&C 29:34 "Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal; neither any man, nor the children of men; neither Adam, your father, whom I created."  The spirit was really there and I was nourished spiritually.

On Thursday we covered for other sisters at the humanitarian center so that they could go to Zone conference.  It was really fun and I think that the church is so amazing and true.  It is because of the restoration of the gospel that we can have turn away from our natural man and serve others.  When you all come to SLC again, you have to go to the humanitarian center.  It is so so amazing to see what the church does with the humanitarian funds.  These funds are different from fast offerings.  You can see what happens with fast offerings at the Welfare Square which is also in SLC and totally worth going to see. :)  The church is so true!!

This Friday, Sister Thacker and I wanted to see a miracle, and we did!!!  Ledix gave us a referral of one of his friends who is also from Haiti.  When he referred him to us, he was actually over and we talked to him on the phone.  Ledix said that his friend "will go to church, meet with the missionaries, and be baptized."  We were so excited to teach his friend and help him come closer to Heavenly Father.  Well Friday we were able to teach him for the first time!!!  He is so amazing and wants to be baptized and come to church!!  We are so so excited for him!  We invited him to get baptized on September 13.  His only objection was that he might not be able to see us by then.  We explained that we will teach him on the phone and the local missionaries will meet with him too.  We told him that maybe we could skype his baptism and that sounded good for him.  He is so amazing!  And it is also an answer to a prayer from me for Ledix.  I have been so worried about him not having any friends at church, but now he will have a friend from his own country who speaks French and creole.  So amazing!!

We went on exchanges with some of the sisters in our zone on Friday and also on Monday.  It was a great chance to get to know the sisters better, know their concerns, and learn from them.  I went with Sister Cummings (Hawaii) on Friday and Sister Thacker went with Sister Lunddahl (Denmark) and Sister Barros (Brazil).  Yesterday I went with Sister Dantas (Brazil) and Sister Chen (Tiawan) and Sister Thacker went with Sister Esikia (American Samoa/Tonga) and Sister Ye (China/Australia).  Yes we are going in Trios with the Sisters so we can help their companionships.  We have lots more exchanges planned for this week.  I love these sisters so so SO much!  The church is so true!  Yesterday, Sister Thacker and I met with President Poulsen and the Assistants to discuss the sisters in our zone.  We talked about each one of them and what they need to develop to fill different roles and what their needs are.  I was terrified to meet with them, but it was really great.  :)

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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