Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Birthday for a Super Sister Stephen!!!!

Dear Super Family,

I got my birthday package yesterday (we don't get mail on Saturday) and it is so awesome!!  Thank you so so SO much!!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you all so much!  I have not been able to read all of the scriptures on everything yet, but it is so sweet and thoughtful.  Your packages are so great! haha!  A sister told me that she understand more about me and my family just from looking at all of the superhero stickers on the box. So true!!

We used the cake mix, brownie mix to make treats for our zone.  We made the treat for our Zone Training meeting on Sunday.  I will send you a picture of the cupcakes.  They have W1 on them because we are in the West 1 zone.  West One is the Best One!!  Sadly, we had to last minute reschedule our meeting because of all of these other meetings that were scheduled even though we scheduled first.  It all worked out though! yay!  We had our ZTM this morning and the spirit was so strong and powerful!  I loved seeing the sisters role play (practice teaching situations with each other) and seeing them look at each other with so much love.  We did 2 different role plays.  In the first one we had them do How to Begin Teaching and then teach the restoration with their companion.  One missionary was pretending to be the guest and the other was the missionary.  But, when the missionary asked a question, they would change roles and have to answer that question as a guest/investigator and the other sister was then the missionary.  It was really good.  Then our 2nd role play was really special.  We prayed about who needed to be with which sister for this role play and we split up companionships.  They then had 20 minutes to solve the personal concerns of each sister.  The spirit was so strong during this role play!  It was so thick!  I was not with any sisters during the role plays so I got to time everyone, observe, and feel the spirit.  I had some of my own concerns resolved as I listened to the spirit and read my BoM.  We focused a lot on the Atonement and what we can do because of our Savior Jesus Christ.  We also showed some other videos to the Sisters about the atonement and how it applies to us and missionary work.  It was such a spiritual experience.  It was amazing how the Lord was really in control of the whole training.  When Sister Thacker and I planned and put together our powerpoint/training, the spirit really guided us to know what the sisters needed.  I know that the Lord has such an amazing hand in his work.  As missionaries, or as leaders, we don't do much.  We just follow what the Spirit tells us to do and then miracles happen and the Lord's children (missionaries, guests, members, and investigators) are taken care of.  I LOVE being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. This is the scripture that we shared with our zone for our zone focus for the transfer, and I love it!!

Mosiah 27:36-37 
"And thus they were instruments in the hands of God in bringing many to the knowledge of the truth, yea, to the knowledge of their Redeemer.
And how blessed are they! For they did publish peace; they did publish good tidings of good; and they did declare unto the people that the Lord reigneth."

This week, I have had an awesome time with Sister Thacker.  We have had a lot of fun and been able to teach a lot of people.  I have really learned how much the Lord loves the sisters in our zone and thus all his children.  We have gone on 2 different exchanges so far and it is amazing how the Lord tells us who to go with and what that sister needs.  It was not like the spirit told me this is what you must say, but he guided me to know what to say to these sisters and how to help them.  I know that God loves each one of his daughters so so much.  I am so grateful to be able to help them and to be guided by God to do so.  The spirit is so powerful.  I love serving others.

I hope you all know how very much I love you!!  My time is far spent, but I love you!!!!!!

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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