Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Zone leader on Temple Square

Mubuhay everyone! (that means hello in Tagalog)

Audrey asked a good question about what my responsibilities as a Zone Leader will be verses what my responsibilities were as a District Leader.  So a zone leader is responsible for an entire zone or group of sisters.  In my zones I have about 9 companionships to watch out for (and one of them is a trio).  With my companion, we will report directly to president how well the sisters are teaching and achieving their goals, how they are progressing spiritually, how we can help them progress more, and if there are any problems.  We also take care of any sisters who get sick and help to make sure they get the proper attention and care.  We represent President Poulsen in our zone and help the sisters to be obedient.  We are a big part of the leadership chain because we report directly to President. So if a sister needs to get something approved, it goes through their district leader and then to us.  Often times, we can just approve it, but if it needs to go higher, we will take it to the APs or President.  We also tell president who we believe is ready to be a district leader or to train.  We also have the authority to call local bishops to check up on sister's investigators when they have not been contacted for a long time or when something is going wrong.  We receive training from the APs and President Poulsen and then we train the district leaders so they can train the sisters in their district, or we train the whole zone in 1 meeting.  
As a West zone leader, I am also in charge (with 3 other sisters thankfully) for setting up the trainings for sisters serving in Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Center.  I also have to find sisters to serve or cover there where there are big tours or tours not in the normal hours we serve there.  That also means that I get to go to the trainings and that I can serve or cover there if needed! yay!  (We actually scheduled the trainings today and got everything all set up. and the transfer has not even started!  I honestly didn't do much in setting them up.)  The big difference between the responsibilities of a ZL and a DL is how many sisters you are in charge of, dealing with medical issues, calling bishops, and reporting to President Poulsen directly.  I hope that made sense... I honestly don't know everything that we will do, but that is what I do know! :)  I know that we are really busy taking care of our sister's needs and making sure that they are all taken care of.  I am really excited to serve so many sisters and hope that I can make a difference for them.

I really enjoyed seeing Mom, Audrey, Hyrum, Eve, Elora, and Joseph yesterday!! Along with the Hakalas and Debbie and kids and Mima and Papa!  It was so much fun!  I really felt the spirit taking you all through God's Plan and to the Christus.  I hope you all know how much I love you.  Sister Torino really enjoyed herself as well.  She love you all.  We did get soaked last night!  Sister Torino and I think it was the Lord saying that we needed to end our visit. haha!  We ran across the street and inside the North Visitor Center.  We got inside a little room where sisters put their belongings and tried to dry off a little bit.  We had been their for about 10 minutes when something crazy happened... the power went out!!!  The power in the North Visitor Center went out because the Church Office Building was struck by lightning!!  Can you believe it??  We had some emergency lights on but that was about it.  Sister Torino and I went to go contact people in the dark-ish basement. :)  It was lots of fun and we talked to a really cute family.  Oh and by the way, the present is really heavy!  I can't wait to open it even though I have to wait like a week and a half!  

I wish that I could email more, but I have to go pack and move!  craziness!!  I will have lots more craziness to report in a week! I am really excited for this new transfer and how I will stretch and grow.  I am really sad to say goodbye to Sister Torino because I love her so so much, but I know that it is time for both of us to get new companions and to learn new things.

I love you all so so SO much!!  I hope with all my heart that you know that.

Love Always,
Sister Stephen

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